About us

About us

Established in 2001, we specialise in innovative service management solutions and business software. Emerging from PEAK-Service GmbH (now part of Qiagen AG), we always develop solutions from our own needs. Our customers benefit from self-developed, highly practicable solutions, which are subject to continuous improvements. As part of this, we offer our in-house software "repV" and advise companies on their customised individual solutions. For many years we operated as PEAK-Networks, but since 2021 we operate as PEAKnx GmbH.


Our range of services


A well thought-out concept constitutes the basis of any first-class product. On the basis of our professional workflow, we develop a customised software solution tailored to your individual requirements and integrate it into your existing systems.

Our services and solutions cover:

  • Commercial software solutions
  • Migration consulting
  • Operational implementation
  • Process optimisation

PEAK Group

We are part of PEAK-Group. The origins of this corporate group (www.peak-group.de) date back to the year 1992, when three students at the University of Applied Sciences of Darmstadt teamed up. Today, as part of the holding structure of DOGAWIST Investment, the corporate group comprises several companies specialised in hardware and software development, industrial communication, building automation, medical engineering, and logistics. The group is based in Darmstadt and employs more than 120 people worldwide.

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